Lux Impianti chooses 3Bee for biodiversity protection through technology

Biodiversity, or the variety of animal and plant species on our planet, has been declining at an alarming rate in recent years, particularly due to some human activities, pollution and the consequences of climate change. According to ISPRA, a significant percentage of pollinating insects are at risk of extinction, a situation exacerbated by global warming. For this reason, it is crucial to take concrete action to protect, regenerate and monitor the state of biodiversity and the world of pollinators.

In this context, Lux Impianti teamed up with scientific partner 3Bee, the naturetech company leader in protecting biodiversity through technology, to create a small Biodiversity Oasis, in the province of Potenza and consisting of 50 nectariferous plants, 1 biomonitoring technology hive and three shelters for wild pollinators (wild bees, butterflies and ladybugs). We chose to create our Biodiversity Oasis starting from Basilicata, the region where our headquarter is located, with the aim of strengthening the link with the territory and contributing to the protection and regeneration of local biodiversity.

The biomonitoring hive, equipped with 3Bee Hive-Tech technology, allows for timely observation of the health status of more than 300,000 bees, as well as monitoring environmental parameters useful for analyzing the surrounding biodiversity and the health of pollinating insects, which are responsible for about 75 percent of the world’s crops through their valuable pollination work.

Lux Impianti’s Biodiversity Oasis will welcome and feed more than 2,800 pollinating insects each year through the production of 14 kg of nectar. All trees in Lux Impianti’s Biodiversity Oasis are cared for by 3Bee growers, experts in species protection and care.

The project is supported by the latest monitoring technology to ensure transparency and traceability of every action. Lux Impianti’s Oasis biodiversity will be monitored using Spectrum technology, an IoT sensor developed by 3Bee that is placed in the study area to detect the amount and types of pollinators present. This noninvasive technology picks up the vibrations emitted by these insects as they fly: thanks to the beating of their wings, each pollinator emits a characteristic sound wave that allows 3Bee to assess their abundance.

The initiative also includes the provision of shelters for pollinating insects, specifically wild bees, ladybugs and butterflies, in order to contribute to their conservation. With specific reference to wild bees, we have placed a Polly X in our Oasis: a shelter for Osmie bicornis, a species of harmless solitary bees, equipped with an IoT sensor, which allows monitoring of air quality (specifically PM2.5, PM10). The collected data will be immediately accessible in the “Monitoring” section of the dedicated webpage.

This project represents an important step in Lux Impianti’s sustainability journey and is an integral part of our vision and commitment to operating sustainably. Thanks to a scientific partner such as 3Bee, we want to take concrete action for the protection and regeneration of biodiversity: its loss is one of the most urgent emergencies to be addressed, and we at Lux Impianti want to do our part by contributing not only to its protection, but also to raising the awareness of employees, customers and stakeholders on this important issue. Follow the project on our Oasis.


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