Oasis of Biodiversity

Lux Impianti teamed up with scientific partner 3Bee, the leading climate tech company for biodiversity protection, to bring to life its Biodiversity Oasis consisting of a nectariferous forest of 50 trees and a smart beehive for biomonitoring. The latter is equipped with 3Bee Hive-Tech technology, which allows it to monitor environmental parameters useful for analyzing the surrounding biodiversity, the health of pollinators and more than 300,000 bees.
The nectariferous forest within Lux Impianti’s Biodiversity Oasis consists of 50 trees that will feed about 75,000 pollinating insects each year and absorb 1431 kg of CO2.
These are not just any plants, but nectar plants planted in Rionero in Vulture, an area in Basilicata where the countryside still rules and where melliferous plants can provide pasture for pollinating insects.
Our Oasis is our sincere contribution to the protection and regeneration of local biodiversity through technology.


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